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We Know Maritime Law

Welcome to Clark & Zedella! We are maritime specialists. Because of this, many law firms come to us with maritime clients and cases from across the nation and sometimes even from around the globe.

We are very proud to say that we have been referred hundreds of cases from lawyers who are looking to us for expertise in the maritime area. Some firms refer the cases to us outright and in exchange they are paid a referral fee. In other cases, we have acted as co-counsel with firms and worked on the matters jointly; most often this occurs when we are litigating with other out-of-state maritime attorneys who know and understand the maritime law but want counsel in Florida to work alongside them.

Whether it is a referral or co-counsel relationship, we are very honored to assist other colleagues and their clients in Florida. We are extremely proud to say that some of our greatest victories and results for clients have come from cases brought to us by other lawyers. We have recovered millions of dollars for injured clients when working cases with referring lawyers and co-counsel.

Why Refer a Case to Us

Our reputation with shipowners and operators, their lawyers, and their insurance companies is that we know maritime law, we know how to litigate admiralty cases, and we get good and fair results for our clients.

Our track record speaks for itself.

We are also proud to say we have never had a fee dispute with a referring lawyer or co-counsel and have enjoyed working shoulder-to-shoulder with other well-qualified attorneys and their staff. When we work as co-counsel, we take our responsibilities seriously and work hard to assure the client’s rights are protected. We don’t sit back and rely solely on other counsel to tow the line.

Whether you want to refer a client, hand over a case, or co-counsel with us throughout the case, you will find a qualified, dedicated, committed, and experienced team ready to assist you and treat your referral client with dignity and respect.

Your client is our client.

We look forward to hearing from you and working alongside you.

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