Maritime Accident Attorneys and Certified Circuit Civil Mediators You Can Trust

Don't Settle for Less ... Get the Maritime Lawyers and Monetary Compensation You Deserve

Maritime Accident Attorneys and Certified Circuit Civil Mediators You Can Trust

Don't Settle for Less ... Get the Maritime Lawyers and Monetary Compensation You Deserve

We will listen to the facts of your case with no obligation on the first call. Even when you sign up with our firm you pay nothing unless we win. You will never pay out-of-pocket for our legal services. When we win we take a percentage out of your recovery for fees and expenses.
Many law firms advertise for maritime and admiralty cases. Most of those firms are neither trained nor qualified to handle a maritime case. At Clark & Zedella we have 60 years of collective experience in the marine field and handling maritime cases. We have contacts in the industry, knowledge of the maritime law and deep experience in bringing maritime cases to a successful conclusion. Don’t be fooled by big advertising firms. Research their backgrounds to make sure they are truly qualified in the complex field of maritime law. Read More
Over decades we have handled maritime cases involving injuries to those hurt on or around the navigable waters. These include merchant seamen working on ships, tugs and barges, and longshoremen hurt on ships and on the docks. Our cases have involved every manner of vessel including cruise ships, merchant ships, government ships, dredges, tugboats, ferries and small craft. If you have been injured on or near the water call us for an expert analysis of your case. Read More


Two lawyers with over 20,000 collective days in representing those injured in maritime accidents. That kind of experience is rare. That kind of knowledge is rarely surpassed. That kind of experience wins cases.

About Our Firm

Clark & Zedella - Nationwide Maritime Trial and Mediation Practice

Admiralty, Maritime and Boating Accident Attorneys and Circuit Civil Mediators

The law firm of Clark & Zedella, P.A. has a long and proven track record of prevailing in aggressively litigated maritime personal injury cases. We are a small firm with big success.  Our attorneys regularly compete with and litigate against the largest law firms and corporations. Our legal training, methods, and quality of practice exceed that found in most large firms.  We are known and respected by our peers in the maritime field. 

Historically, Clark & Zedella, P.A. has specialized in admiralty and maritime matters. We are, however, trial lawyers who litigate all types of civil cases. If we choose not to accept your case, we have an extensive referral network of competent attorneys anywhere in the United States. If you have a legal question about any kind of case, do not hesitate to call us and we will refer you to the right kind of lawyer if the case is outside our area of expertise.

Some large general practice law firms advertise for maritime and boating accident cases. They may not be experts in this field. We specialize and practice in this field every day. If you have been injured on or around the water, call us and you will speak directly with qualified maritime, admiralty and boating lawyers.  You will not have to navigate through layers of staff to reach our attorneys. 

Clark & Zedella, P.A. has its home office in Jacksonville, Florida. Its attorneys have over sixty years of collective experience in litigating large and very complex cases. Clark & Zedella, P.A has represented individual plaintiffs involving personal injury and property damage since its inception.

Clark & Zedella, P.A is located near downtown, the Federal and State courthouses, the St. Johns River and the Port of Jacksonville and its lawyers have represented clients involved in maritime accidents and injuries since 1987.

While our focus has been on admiralty and maritime matters, we also handle cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, automobile, trucking, heavy equipment, medical malpractice, commercial and business disputes.  We have been Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediators since 2009.

Our firm incorporates the latest technology while providing exceptional personal service to our clients. We recognize that technology allows for more responsive and comprehensive representation.  We also know that our clients are people not files or numbers and we take pride in providing prompt personal communication and being accessible to our clients.  Our firm has the same access to the same legal libraries and resources available to the largest law firms and allows us to compete headlong against the opposition.

Call us and let our years of maritime experience work for you.  We are the best firm to bring you a successful result in your maritime injury case.

Areas of Practice

"We work aggressively to get your biggest possible settlement or verdict." - Clark & Zedella

Maritime & Admiralty

We represent maritime workers who have suffered personal injury on or near the water. The maritime law including The Jones Act and The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act can apply to seamen and longshoremen who have been injured.
We also handle other maritime cases on a number of issues. Additionally, we handle serious injury cases that involve other workers and other maritime laws.
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Civil Litigation & Trials

We are also trial lawyers who have handled a multitude of civil cases other than maritime matters. We have represented clients in all manner of personal injury and wrongful death cases.
These cases have included brain and head injury, spinal damage, neurological injury, psychological injury, paralysis, fractures, amputations, crush injuries, impalement, orthopedic trauma, neck, back and herniated/ruptured disc injuries, blindness, disfigurement, scarring, drowning and all types of trauma and associated pain and suffering.
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Dwayne Clark and Kristen Zedella are Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediators. We have handled civil personal injury cases for plaintiffs and defendants our entire careers. We have participated in mediations and settled hundreds of our own cases through mediation.
We mediate as a team of two mediators and our vast experience makes us well qualified to mediate your case.
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Mediation Services

Certified Circuit Civil Mediators

Dwayne Clark and Kristen Zedella are Certified Circuit Mediators. We are willing and able to assist you in mediating your maritime or general civil cases. We can mediate your case individually or as a team. We have reasonable mediation rates and years of experience in settling disputed litigation matters.

First Consultation

The first call to our firm may be the most important. Our lawyers (not staff) will listen to the facts to spot issues (legal and factual) that may determine whether you have a case or not. Many firms use non-lawyer staff to screen calls and often they fail to recognize a good case where one exists. Call our lawyers for a personal analysis of your potential claim.

Investigation / Evidence

An early investigation and preservation of evidence can often be the difference in winning or losing a case. We are trained experts and have been investigating legal cases for decades. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and thorough. A call to our office soon after the accident can allow for an investigation and preservation of evidence. Evidence can be lost or destroyed and witnesses can disappear making it impossible to prove an otherwise good case. Call early to protect your rights and your case.

Litigation and Trial

We have litigated hard fought complex cases for many decades. We are highly trained lawyers whose experiences in the trenches of litigation have honed our skills and trial techniques. Many of our cases settle early and before trial because we take good cases, litigate them thoroughly and present a strong case through fully developed factual and legal analysis. Some cases don’t settle and if the offer is not fair we are ready and willing to take the case to Court and a jury.

Mediation and Closure

Most cases are mediated through Court Order or agreement. We have participated in hundreds of mediations in our own cases and most settle through the proven mediation process. Mediation allows the parties to close the case in an informal setting and move on with their lives through compromise and agreement. Our lawyers are Certified Circuit Civil Mediators and we believe in this system to resolve disputes whether it is in our cases or ones we mediate for others.

Our Results

Our firm has recovered tens of millions of dollars for those injured on or around the water. Both in settlements and trial verdicts we have put full and fair compensation into the pockets and bank accounts of our clients. At the end of the day and the conclusion of a case our goal is to get a full recovery of damages for our clients which may include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, medical costs, lost wages in the past and future and lost benefits. Don’t settle quick and cheap on your own or with unqualified law firms. 

Call us for an analysis of the full compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

Our Attorneys

Dwayne L. Clark & Kristen A. Zedella Put Clients First


After serving in the United States Coast Guard, Dwayne Clark was employed with one of Houston’s most prominent maritime law firms where he worked as a Marine Investigator. He spent extensive time on Coast Guard and civilian merchant vessels during this time. This experience inspired him to become a maritime lawyer. Mr. Clark received his law degree at the University of Oklahoma. His maritime background combined with years of legal practice has made him one of the most experienced and prominent maritime lawyers in Jacksonville and Florida.


Kristen Zedella received her Juris Doctorate at Florida State University. During law school, she began working as a law clerk for a personal injury firm where she assisted the partners litigating serious personal injury and death cases against large corporations and insurance companies. Ms. Zedella returned to her hometown where, along with her partner, Dwayne Clark, she started a maritime practice of her own. From the inception of her practice Ms. Zedella has specialized in maritime cases and for decades has represented mariners in serious injury cases. She, like her partner, is one of the most experienced and prominent maritime attorneys in Jacksonville and across the State.

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