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Clark & Zedella – Two Lawyers Who Take On Big Maritime Cases

Dwayne L. Clark

Attorney/Certified Circuit Mediator

Dwayne Clark has been in the maritime industry in one form or another since 1976. After serving in the United States Coast Guard, on vessels and boats, he worked for one of Houston’s most prominent admiralty law firms where
he was a Marine Investigator. His extensive marine experience combined with his legal training has resulted in many favorable litigation and courtroom successes for his clients. Millions of dollars have been saved or recovered in maritime casualty cases he has handled. He has dedicated his entire professional career to boats, ships, maritime things, and the law. Mr. Clark has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator since 2009.
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Kristen A. Zedella

Attorney/Certified Circuit Mediator

Kristen Zedella has been a maritime lawyer since 1997. During her career she has handled maritime and admiralty cases, almost exclusively. She is highly trained, experienced, and successful in maritime law.
Over the years she has developed a great affinity for maritime workers and the laws that apply to them. Kristen Zedella received her Juris Doctorate at Florida State University. She began working as a law clerk for a personal injury firm that went up against large corporations and insurance companies. Ms. Zedella returned to her hometown where, along with her partner, Dwayne Clark, she started a maritime practice of her own. She is a dedicated maritime lawyer and professional and has many six and seven figure recoveries for clients, under her belt. Ms. Zedella has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediator since 2009.
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Two lawyers with over 20,000 collective days in representing those injured in maritime accidents. That kind of experience is rare. That kind of knowledge is rarely surpassed. That kind of experience wins cases.

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