Marina Liability

Marina Operator’s Duties

Marina operators are responsible for ensuring that all vessels can make a safe berth, that any boats moored or stored at the marina are kept safe from damage, and that there is no damage to a vessel during the refueling process. If the operator fails to address any deficiencies, dangers or hazards at the marina, the marina is liable for any damages or injuries that occur to a vessel or its occupants.  However, marinas may obtain liability insurance in order to protect themselves from legal obligations after an accident.

Marina Liability Insurance

This insurance is called Marina Operators Legal Liability Insurance, which covers any damage that occurs to a vessel that was under the marina’s “care, custody and control.” The specific protections that the insurance provides will depend on the package that operator purchased. Some packages will include coverage for personal injury or death, but many packages do not. There can be other types of insurance coverage as well. 

Kinds of Marina Liability Issues

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